by [dK]



released July 4, 2005

All tracks written by [K], except for:
“I’m a visionary”and “Alien” by [k]/[dixan]
“Isolation” by [k]/[captain]
“Pripyat” and “To the lenghts” by [dixan]

Arrangement/Production by [K]/[dixan]
Vocals by [K]
Guitars by [captain]

Mixed/Mastered by [K]




[dK] Torino, Italy

[dK] design melancholic landscapes perturbed by granular clouds.
[dK] play robust synthesizers, visionary guitars, surgical sequencers.
[dK] sing simple words on mid-aching, mitteleuropean melodies.
[prof] – guitars, synths, arrangements
[dixan] – synths, arrangements
[K] Dee Mitochondrial – vocals, synths, arrangements
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Track Name: Foresight
My innermost breath warming up your jowl, my love.
The crutches fall, keep creeping on my own, my love.
I just want the world venerates me as a gOD
and I want you to dress in black for me, my love.

Obtrude my self, I trust in the foresight, my love.
Dispose the jolt, you'll bear the effects on me, my love.
Hey you all don't even think that I could hit
and you all just don’t know how glorious can be.

Prepare the celebration for me,
I will get a trophy for you,
you will always care for me,
I will always care for you.

I must clear away all the nails from the floor, my love.
so that you can walk safely towards me, my love.
Hey you always try to complicate what is right
and you'll see the riders fight until the end for right.
Track Name: Empire Servants
You're Empire servants,
you've got a loan on your soul
and it lasts forever,
but you will die before,

you ignore you're sore
and your rotten core
– the Ego you adore -
The eyes, the stomach, the veins,
the liver, the brain
– sacrificed in vain -

They'll keep squeezing,
you'll keep sucking
and there's nothing to do,
because they are you.

you're Empire servants,
you'll keep doing the same things,
just fucking things that hurt you
and the vomit they bring,

the scene is clear,
you're down on your knees,
– but it's not for gOD that you bleed -
The eyes, the stomach, the veins,
the liver, the brain
– sacrificed in vain -
Track Name: Pain Provider
There's a generator,
there's an accumulator,
there's a brains raper,
and the circuit feeding all of us.

Pain provider.
Cosmic liar.

New technology's generator,
it's totally chemical,
it's based on perpetuum rotten core,
it's inside,
it's the demon inside
all of fucking us.
Track Name: I'm A Visionary
I'm a visionary,
I'm a an outcast,
I ain't nothing to say to you,
I ain't nothing to say to anyone.

I'm a visionary,
I see the things that are not there,
I am a dadaist,
I make my day just messing up the pieces.

I am hollow,
the rotten is dried by now,
it vanished.
I am clean, finally clean.

I'm a visionary,
I don't listen to you anymore,
I am a rubber wall,
meant to protect the no man's land.

I am hollow,
I purged my brain and I,
I took a dump.
I am clean, finally clean.
Track Name: Traitors
The traitors were pushed aside,
they lost the respect of their clan,
it was not forever,
it marked them forever.

The traitors had to prove their innocence,
they were taken away by their friends,
they set out for a journey,
away from home journey.

Sometimes they didn't return anymore,
sometimes they lost the will to return.

They forgot the way home,
instead found their own throne,
further down the abyss
they finally belong.

Winters passed and damaged the bones,
guilt still marked the things they'd done,
reminding the victim,
becoming the victim.

Conscience erased, it was the only way,
demon inside, the only one to pray,
I did so…
I'm a traitor.
Track Name: Dolphin
The dolphin heave in sight and I
always think he's pushing higher.
I break a bowl for the fuck of it,
to hear the noise of a broken thing.

He rise above the water line,
he breaks the wave and gets back to the light.
I loose the will to put things ok,
music takes me in its darkest way.

Along the line of insane things,
away from line of useless things,
over line, derange the line, overcome…

And I belong to this,
now I belong to this.

The dolphin is proud, he controls his moving,
action is loud. energy flowing.
I'm going around, staring at the shoes,
I grip the soil and I am so brused.

He faces the sea, goes to the lenghts,
his destiny, until the end.
I slip away in choosing my way,
the rotten fear is my own decay.
Track Name: Isolation
I take a bus to go nowhere.
It never stops in fact I stay yet there.
I see outside no familiar things,
people inside no familiar things.

I take a bus to go away from here.
It never stops and go so far from here.
No familiar places, that is what I want.
No familiar people, don't speak to anyone.

Isolation brings me in a desolate place.
Desolate place makes me isolate.

Only want you to leave me alone,
I take a breath if you leave me alone,
No matters what you think you know,
Only matters now that I taste the glow.

Isolation leads me in a desolate place.
In this desolate place I like to feel isolate.

Noting nothing I feel good.
Feeling nothing I feel so good.
Track Name: Alien
You think I feel depressed,
you say I should move on,
but I've lost my consciousness,
keep saying me breath on,
but you will never understand,
you'll never understand,
never understand, never.

You can't bear when I complain,
you say I'm a nikilist
and admit I think the same,
but I know It's not only this
and you can't feel through my nerves,
you can't taste with my mouth,
you can't see through my eyes,
you just can't see.

The bitterness I feel
just from the inside,
inner core loathing,
you'll never feel it.
The bitterness I feel,
just from the inside,
inner core vomit,
you'll never feel it.

You think I search for the worse of things,
I dig a hole to pray down on my knees
and it's not normal how I sink,
it's not human how I grip.
Don't you see within my eyes,
see within my eyes,
stare the blue-gray light,
don't you see that I'm an alien.

I can't assimilate your shit,
arrogance peels my skin,
violence defiles my brief,
I'm imploding, within, I can't remain.
Track Name: Quiet Of The Abyss
No one knows what I could find,
no one says much more than a lie,
this time I have to go down there…
only way… I'll go down there.

No one knows how fast I descent,
no one cares how deep I descent,
the soil I taste it with the knees
the nose will make me feel the desease.
How does it feel?

The quiet of the abyss
The inner dephts I sink in
The gravity crashing me
The quiet of the abyss

The currents flow I've stopped to oppose,
all got appleased in desolate undertow,
dust is wet, tide got withdrawn,
scraps on surface, tide got withdrawn.

No one knows when insects will come,
everybody knows why the insects will come,
I'll wait down here the debasement of things,
I'll drink just here to decay of fucking things.
How does it feel?