Electroglamour And Infinite Sadness

by [dK]



First album published by Karmasutra (then [dK]) in 1999.


released January 1, 1999

All tracks written by [K]

Arrangement/Production by [K]
Vocals by [K]
Guitars on "The Guilt", "Breaking Off The Fight", "Alms", "Ordinary State Of Grace" and "Best Pain" by [captain]
Guitars on "Karmastate", "In Front Of River" and "The Ethics Of River" by [jp]

Mixed/Mastered by [K]




[dK] Torino, Italy

[dK] design melancholic landscapes perturbed by granular clouds.
[dK] play robust synthesizers, visionary guitars, surgical sequencers.
[dK] sing simple words on mid-aching, mitteleuropean melodies.
[prof] – guitars, synths, arrangements
[dixan] – synths, arrangements
[K] Dee Mitochondrial – vocals, synths, arrangements
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Track Name: Me As An Enemy
Have you ever stared at clouds getting tickier?
Have you ever thought I could deceive you?
Have you ever tried to think of me as an enemy?
Have you ever tried to doubt of me?
Have you ever thought I could upset your life?
I'm not joking, begin to realise I'm not joking.
Haviest pain is to watch the leaf falling down.

The abit of time fading away is natural like dying.
We’re all conservatives, especially in changing our feelings.

I'd like you would change your opinion of me.
I'd like you wouldn't get me wrong anymore.
I'd like to have an estranging effect on you
and I'd like to succeed in scaring you.
Sometimes you must change your point of view.
Sometimes we need to question everything.
Haviest pain is to watch the leaf falling down.

We're bounds to the ground by the discomfort keeping us down,
Now I want to deliver me from the trap hopelessly,
I’m ready to sacrifice you
Track Name: The Guilt
Now it's clear, I know, I am gone… too far,
I don't see how I could turn around now…
I suffered, I undervalued, I didn't fight enough,
I gave up, I didn't act, I didn't share.

It's time to expiate the guilt,
to cover my eyes with the hands,
staring at the dark.

I am lonely in my silence,
I'm not looking for an illusion,
I'm only looking at the life besides me,
it moves and I don't make it out,
I've chosen, I've agreed to come to the compromise,
no excuses, that's no good, my salvation is a long way off.
Track Name: Karmastate
It's a hidden signal
but I know it exists,
did you feel the precious warmth tonight?
It's a confused code,
I'll rearrange it,
did you feel the healer touch tonight?

Our soul lives in pleasure dome,
years fall down and an other autumn passes me by,
now I can touch the light, here's our morning,
gOD make this drug eternal and perfect.

We must not forecast our fate,
but only conserve the state,
the karmastate we hidden from our view.
Now it's time to celebrate the event,
before I could not understand,
we wasted time in time
and that's enough.
Track Name: Breaking Off The Fight
Sadness is a beautiful blue-grey sphere… above my head, my fucking head.
Walk fast and feel inside my eyes the cold of the air…
need to stay smooth.
Never felt so sore, deny all I swore.
All I was is gone, what defiles me has come…
where were you?… in all of this… where the fuck were you?

They keep saying I will understand,
it's just a question of time,
but I really don't think that I will understand,
every habit has its surprise…
and now I have become the one who betrays the fools,
and there’s nothing to compromise,
no teeth, no strengths… I'm breaking off the fight,
I am sorry for breaking off the fight,
but this is the way it's turning out.

That does not fit to me, things was so different before…
I have withdrawn, I have withdrawn.
It's surprising how my time swells and stops
melt in sound, liquid sound.
Track Name: Alms
All your care for me,
all your healing me,
have you found out that is too much for me?
Your charity’s gone,
done what could be done,
you thought your engaging was restored to save me?

I've tried to explain you
the penitence borne for you,
the health I loose,
every time I give way and pray your alms.
Every time I give way and pay your alms.

You've had to repent,
were investing in me and
now you have to review your plain.
But you knew the risk,
keep getting your task,
what should I do, never hidden my stains.
Track Name: State Of Things
This is the time for doubts and distrust.
This is the time when I can't make my self understood.
I shouldn't despise so much, I shouldn't devalue so much,
but in teh current state of things,
it's hard for me to shake the desease.

This is the time when I can't read through any book.
This is the time when I drink toomuch instant coffee,
I should be delighted and happier that now,
but in the current state of things,
it's hard for me to shake the desease.

smothering the beat that complicates my calm,
unlearning the lessons that deflected my mind.
The effort could be vain,it's unfair if it's vain.

I can taste your pain in my troath.
I can feel your warmth on my eye lids.
May be I’m starting to cry.
All I want is crying now.

This is the day when all conjectures are wrong.
This is the black day when nothing concerns me at all,
I should be more true and I should be honest,
I wish I couldtell the truth,once in a while, at least.

looking for the music that will clean my heart,
waiting forthe feelings that will put me in your arms,
The effort could be vain,it's unfair if it's vain.
Track Name: The Ethics Of River
The ethics of River…
absorbing human tension.
The ethics of River…
becoming and yet conserving one self.
The ethics of River…
one can't stop and even move.
The ethics of River…
it flows Earth and Sky around Him.

River feeds Time and Space and vibrates Air.
River is sad, how much is vainvaround Him.
Water dances, moves and River comes

The ethics of River…
forcing any strength in right direction.
The ethics of River…
insisting, striding, keeping on the trip.
The ethics of River…
not choosing the way, being the way.
Track Name: Ordinary State Of Grace
Did you expect that your design
overcome the warning line?
the action sequence you have planned
now is starting to derange.
There was a time where that could care me,
where I could lie to support your waddling,
but now you say I'm not the same
anymore and never again.
I am just in a ordinary state of grace.
I don't need to search for any answers to justify my way.
I've ever thought that you could break
the chain of habit… you don’t even shake,
you're engaging in worthless things,
vacuum purpose, useless skill.
You should ask your self where does the path lead,
endless line of all demanding,
I've already started to walk
on this strange age a few hours ago.
Track Name: Best Pain
You are the lie I want to hear,
hanging joy that I fear.
You are the threatch turning to truth,
you are the problem and the solution to.
Over flowing brain in searchig whole feelings.
Innermost, desperate game in getting fake gain.

Absolutely you are my best pain.
Definetively you force me to face our labyrinth.

May be you are my destiny,
cracking ice beneath my feet.
Light that lays on dephts of the sea,
the strongest, coldest current drowing me.
Over flowing brain in searchig whole feelings.
Innermost, desperate game in getting fake gain.